Appreciation of Bushehr Petrochemical for social responsibility

Bushehr Petrochemical Company was honored at the 10th National Conference and the 2nd International Conference on Promotion of Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility, which was held today, 1st of February 1402, at the Summit Hall in Tehran.

Saturday، 16 March 2024

According to the public relations report of Bushehr Petrochemical Company, in this ceremony, which was attended by the Chairman of the Islamic Council, the CEO of the National Petrochemical Industry Company, and several other officials, the CEO of Bushehr Petrochemical Company was honored for the company's responsibility in the field of social responsibility.

The public relations of Bushehr Petrochemical Company announced that this company is moving towards its social responsibilities with the strategy of engaging the internal and external community at the same time.

Involving and engaging the majority of colleagues in various projects with the aim of creating professional commitment and learning responsibility is one of the things that Bushehr Petrochemical Company has included in its policies, some of which are mentioned

Health sector:

During the difficult period of the corona disease epidemic, by managing the production and consumption of oxygen, this company has been able to be the main supplier of oxygen to the hospitals of the country, so that during a period of 9 months, it has distributed 18 thousand tons of oxygen produced by Bushehr to the hospitals of the country.

In other words, in the stated period of time, one person out of every patient in the country has used Bushehr petrochemical oxygen.

Environment field:

Designing and implementing the acid gas and sulfur recovery project in the only gas refinery of the country's petrochemical industry; Gas refinery of Bushehr Petrochemical Company. The sulfur removal unit cost about 150 million dollars, of which 30 million dollars is related to the TGTU unit.

The sulfur extraction unit has prevented the entry of 8 tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere per hour, of which 400 kilograms belong to TGTU, and this means that the waste gas flare has been turned off, which is an honor for our country.

cultural arena:

Miziani, from the pure body of the anonymous martyrs, holding various national and religious rituals, such as the memorial of Martyr Soleimani, which has honored the Basij resistance base of Imam Sadiq (a.s.), Bushehr Petrochemical Company, to receive the title of the most successful Basij base of Malik Ashtar Festival.

  • Appreciation of Bushehr Petrochemical for social responsibility