Bushehr Petrochemical Company relies on the brilliance of its human capital by producing and supplying petrochemical products using modern technologies and supply chain management, continuous and stable production and completing the value chain of products in order to improve the satisfaction of stakeholders and manage energy consumption and maintain By complying with national and international standards, the environment provides growth, survival and profitability of the company's sustainability. One of the largest petrochemical projects in the country in Pars Energy Special Economic Zone is Bushehr Petrochemical, which has the vision of being the largest petrochemical in the region to produce olefinic products, polyethylene, methanol, sulfur, ethylene glycols, acetic acid, vinyl acetate and related utilities. It is considered that on 27th of Bahman 1389, in the presence of the country and army officials, its pickaxe was thrown on the ground. Bushehr Petrochemical Complex has three implementation phases with an area of 70 hectares, which started its activity with the production of 6.6 million tons per year of various products, with private sector investment by Shastan Commercial Investment Company and Maron Petrochemical Company. Phase one of this complex is in sites two and three.

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